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Tallworth was founded by Arthur CUNNINGHAM


This website is one long page, which takes around 45 minutes to attentively read. It is designed to attract the different types of help that we need. The content is divided into THREE main subject sections.

ONE – Introductory subjects:
• General Introduction;
• WHAT do we do (the three main things we teach);
• Our Business Lessons (how we teach everyday people to make money);
• Our Moral Lessons (how we highlight the use of conscience in business);
• Our Enterprise Models (how we use our CTR-algorithms);
• Local and Global;
• The Drive;
• The Dream;
• Tallworth’s MISSION;
• Our Robin Hood Operation (selling to the rich, to fund courses for the poor).

TWO – Tallworth’s Programs:
• Commercial Programs (sold to make money to fund our community-aid programs);
• Seven Community Aid Programs (gifted, free of charge, to the poor and non-academic).

THREE – Our Vision:
• HOW we plan to make Tallworth grow;
• Our GREAT cry for help;
• My pledge;
• What's needed now.

Throughout our documentation there is reference to our CTR-algorithms, or CTR-system. CTR stands for: Compounding Targeted Recapitalisation. CTR is the core mathematical algorithm that all our systems, technologies and money-making formulas are built upon.

We built this initial website to introduce TALLWORTH, and why it was created, so that you can better understand its educational aims and charitable purposes, and why we are so interested in teaching everyday people:
(1) How to MAKE MONEY
(3) How to build ENTERPRISE MODELS that will exponentially reduce the poverty of the local people within their operating regions.

And WHY we are looking to build a global team of community like-minded people to help us (over the next 10 years) develop Tallworth and deliver its ‘END Other Peoples Poverty’ community aid courses world-wide...

Beginning by building small testcases, serving poor and non-academic people in Tallworth friendly countries around the world.

To do this TALLWORTH is currently looking globally for: Project Managers, Coders and Programmers (and online Hosts and Maintainers), Videographers, Graphic Artists, Writers, Marketers, Mathematicians, Professional Educators, Translators and people with skills and connections to help grow Tallworth, finalise its course content into multilingual formats and to create and host its online delivery systems.

We teach our students three main things (1) How to make money (2) How to live a principled life (3) How to build different CTR business models.

Our Business Lessons

In all our business courses, we have very simple ways of teaching everyday people HOW to USE their money to repeatedly make themselves MORE money. All done using commonsense, without them having to learn accounting, economics, or elaborate business systems (and without them ever having to use any debt).

Right from the very beginning, we teach all our students everything they need to know to start their own "micro" business. They learn how to:
• Start with very, very little money – money they already have;
• Select an initial product – one of their choice (one showing the best CTR-potential);
• Create incremental expansion and growth steps (by using our unique money-making algorithms) to turn them into full-fledged enterprises.

All lessons are centred upon the art of “spending money” ONLY to “make more money”
...putting an end to all negative spending practices in business;
...or having to enter into debt to either set up, or grow an enterprise; always having the money and the wisdom, at each step, to ensure maximum growth.

And how to employ a few professional agencies to do ONLY the complicated things that their Government requires of a business (just like a car owner uses a mechanic to service their car that "they drive").

The Goal…
The goal is to take any sensible "non-academic" everyday person from knowing nothing about making money – to knowing everything they need to run an enterprise capable of making them enough money to fulfil their own dreams.

We believe if you are smart enough to drive a car, then you are smart enough to make more than enough money to fulfil your dreams; And by then you will have gained enough money-making experience to help ten other people do the same.

And the GREAT thing about our analogy of driving cars is… BOTH “academic” and “non-academic” people are able to drive just as well as each other.

Usually, a person's passionate desire to go places and to do greater things inspires them to learn to drive… and it is their level of sensibleness and care for others that turn them into GREAT drivers. All things that have very little to do with their academic level.

Likewise, our way of teaching people HOW to make money is just like how people learn to drive a car – they learn a few simple rules and practical lessons, then the more they do it the better they get at it.

We use a high degree of graphics in all our lessons, combined with a few very logical mathematical equations – sums that any sensible non-academic 16 year old can easily learn to do (and repeat), which enable them to create compounding money-making cycles within their businesses to make them grow at an exceptional rate.

And most excitingly…
We are currently experimenting with even simpler versions of this course, designed for the (~10%) least academic 13 year old high school youth.

Plus, we are trying to create exciting digital and traditional board games that will teach children between the ages of 9-12 years the elementary principles of how to make money. Starting them on a path of ethical entrepreneurship, bringing early purpose to their entire school education.

Additional Tools

We will search the world for the best material and systems that we can find.

In addition to the education and training material, and delivery systems, that Tallworth will create and develop from within itself, we will also:
• Purchase;
• License, sub-license; or other means of contract;
• Or in other ways obtain the right of use;
of any relevant education, or training material, program, and delivery system, from anywhere around the world, that will help Tallworth reach and teach ANY poor person from ANY background, HOW to IMPROVE their own financial position, so that they can obtain their own financial freedom and independence.

Therefore, if you or your organization, or someone you know, has any knowledge, or has had any experience with methods that have worked well in reducing poverty in any way, especially long-term, we would like to hear from you today.

Our Moral Lessons

Here are two examples of the many moral lessons we teach our students to highlight moral conscience in business and life.

Example One
Imagine it was Raining Money… and EVERYONE around you was grabbing bagfuls for themselves. Could you walk through the middle of them all without even having the thought of picking up a dollar (even worried not to step on any of it) because NONE of it is yours? (This lesson transposes into all areas of a person’s life, eg: not taking another person’s spouse, or stealing another companies IP, just because you can). To become that GREAT person is what we teach all our students to prize.

Example Two
Imagine you could get $1 million from the Government by pushing a button just once a month, would you take the job? I remember hearing about a guy during the Australian Government Gun Buy-Back Scheme, who bought container loads of rifle-slings for military machine-guns. He paid only $2 per sling and then he handed them in as parts belonging to military style guns and the government under law had to pay him $48 for each of them. Even though it’s smart business and a very clever use of the law, as a school we call this unethical... “Ripping off” the Government Treasury, taking money that was designed to benefit Australian society.

We have created hundreds of these types of lessons that use real life situations to highlight the use of moral conscience in business, encouraging our students to live a balanced life that develops both their talents and their virtues.

Our CTR Enterprise Models

As well as the normal “Owner Employee” business models, or the sole “Owner Operator” business that require no staff, we are able to teach our students 5 additional enterprise models, thanks to the dynamic scope of our CTR-algorithms. These multifaceted enterprise models are more inclusive, bringing greater benefit to the communities and people connected to these enterprises.

1. Share Workers
In this model the employees are “Stake Holders” in the businesses. As their work contributes to the growth of the overall businesses, so does their wage and bonus amount increase. This is due to our CTR-algorithms being able to work out the optimal wage and bonus increase to proportionally benefit everyone who works in the business, as well as the business as a whole. These businesses become very attractive to hard-workers and result in employee’s loyalty and duration of service greatly increasing. These businesses are able to start very small, beginning with just one person with a single product, and then grow very quickly into a large enterprise, because of the workers interest in helping each other’s productivity.

2. Internal Co-Enterprises
This model builds “Businesses-Within-An-Enterprise” and therefore is more suited for medium growing-to-large enterprises. Employees are given the option of making an autonomous internal business out of the skills that they contribute, while also sharing in the profits of the overall enterprise, giving them double vested interest in the entire enterprise. Likewise, as their internal business grows, they will employ more people and once they become skilled they will in turn be offered to build businesses within their employing business. Again, the optimal viability point and timing for each of these growth steps to be taken is calculated by our CTR-algorithms.

3. Joint Venture Groups
This model extends out to include external suppliers and customers, building a vertical-cooperative that shares market advantages with each other. Our CTR-algorithms provide the perfectly fair “costing and pricing” for each link in the chain from the: initial producer, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, on to the end customer. Then because of our CTR-algorithms, each member in the vertical chain can extend out horizontally to other vertical groups of suppliers and customers, creating one large “Joint Venture Group”. These groups are very robust, because they draw strength vertically within their own group, and horizontally from other groups. This produces the best advantage for everyone, including the ultimate price able to be offered to the customer, ensuring both the longevity and most progressive development of a product or industry.

4. Entrepreneurial Clusters
These models create new symbiotic business relationships with your competitors. Traces of this principle can be seen in business groupings such as: The shoe sections in some department stores, where small areas are leased to individual companies or entrepreneurs, each selling a particular brand of shoe alongside each other, creating a large mass of diverse shoe brands to draw customers. Or in industries like warehouses that co-house competitors’ products to reduce costs.
However, our CTR-algorithms calculate the perfect curve for a cluster’s growth, as each competing member grows, the whole cluster benefits in a way that will attract further entrepreneurial start-ups to join the cluster. Our CTR-algorithms keep the cluster and each and every competing member equally interdependent, instead of them all having to come under one all-controlling and self-serving corporation.

5. Composite Enterprises
The Composite Enterprise is our CHAMPION MODEL, due to it being made up of a calculated assortment of: Sole Owner Operators, Share Workers, Internal Co-Enterprises, Joint Venture Groups and Entrepreneurial Clusters. Our CTR-algorithms are able to bring together businesses that lack uniformity with businesses that lack diversity, enabling multiple entrepreneurs and workers to autonomously grow together within a balanced and fair decentralised financial ecosystem like never seen before.

We have designed all these enterprise models to work very well in quickly reducing poverty in poor regions. In the case of the Composite Enterprise, we believe every 1 percent increase in entrepreneurs using our CTR-algorithms in conjunction with our Composite Enterprise Model will correspond to a 10 percent decrease in the poverty rate – simply because of its dynamic and symbiotic inclusiveness.

Obtaining these outcomes, will mean if only 10% of businesses within a region are run by entrepreneurs who have the wisdom and tools to successfully build and run ethical Composite Enterprises, it will reduce 100% of the poverty within that area, because someone in every family or home will be earning ample money from an enterprise that they are part of.

All our CTR Enterprise Models are in favor of spreading wealth, across people-to-people. Opposed to trickle-down wealth, built upon people-below-people.

Our unique non-debt based money-making algorithms and simple lessons, which we initially created for everyday people in the DEVELOPED WORLD, will work just as well for the poor and less educated peoples of the DEVELOPING WORLD.

If the people in the DEVELOPING WORLD were given access to the same simple money-making lessons (FREE of any charge) and if Tallworth also DONATED them the technology and the services required for them to access Tallworth's online calculators (which use our CTRmoney-making algorithms); as well as give them access to the world’s online sales platforms, like eBay (or a scalable open-source platform like Drupal) THEN they too would successfully grow their own money-generating enterprises, trading themselves and those who work with them out of poverty... benefiting their entire community.

Plus, through our TallLink Member’s Network, we envision many of our members in the DEVELOPED WORLD entering into mutually beneficial joint ventures with our members in the DEVELOPING WORLD… and through them using TallLink’s online international CTR-algorithms, TallLink would calculate the true midpoint price for them to trade at, taking into consideration both sides different financial costs and gains in relation to each other’s country’s monetary-power… producing for the first time “mutually fair” cross-world trading prices.

The Drive

Our global and local drive is to produce more commercially-intelligent entrepreneurs, who live wise and honourable lives... each having an 'active' social conscience, causing them to extend a hand to actively help advance the lives of others in their community in ways that they see fit.

As an organisation in every community that we serve, we will always give preference to those people who are disadvantaged by being either: poor; or non-academic; so that they too gain the financial means and moral sense to have a quality of life that they ordinarily would never have achieved – a life that secures their personal needs and grows to fulfill their lifelong dreams.

by Tallworth's founder

I dream of a world with a triage, wherein the order of teaching people HOW to make money (ethically) is as follows.
People who are:
(1st) Both poor and non-academic;
(2nd) Poor, and are academic;
(3rd) Non-academic, and have means;
(4th) Academic with means, who want to do greater things;
(5th) Wealthy and privileged, who want to learn how to build community-based businesses, to help end other peoples poverty.

I dream of a world where there are no longer any POOR people, because they all have the knowledge and skills to continuously make their own money.

I dream of a world where financially disadvantaged people work together in ethical ways that directly contribute to each other’s prosperity, each helping those around them to “individually” succeed.

I dream of a world where sensible NON-ACADEMIC people are able to make as much money as academic people.

I dream of a world that teaches its poor how to make money, through ethical entrepreneurship courses that are funded by everyday people buying the same programs, to further their own wealth.

Therefore, it is my life’s joy
to build Tallworth

To gift ethical entrepreneurship courses to the POOR and the poorest NON-ACADEMIC people, locally and globally (FREE of any charge);

To teach NON-ACADEMIC people ethical entrepreneurship in ways that appeal to their practical common sense;

To enable "everyday people" (especially the poor and the non-academic) to create and run their own non-debt based highly-inclusive multifaceted enterprises (by using my CTR-algorithms);

To help them ALL trade themselves, and those around them, out of poverty... so that they ALL can earn sufficient money to secure their basic needs, and progress on to fulfil their dreams, enabling them to control their own destiny, forever;

To uplift humanity.

My Belief

Some people say the power that comes with money always corrupts a person, but I say not if that person has equal morals to balance that power. Whenever a person has abundant wealth and high morals, I have always seen them do GREAT things.

Therefore, I believe to help UPLIFT HUMANITY, each community around the world needs to have more Financially Prosperous people who have Moral Excellence.

Having prosperous people without moral excellence creates a world full of wealthy criminals (as we have seen in many large financial corporations during the last 10 years).

On the other hand, people who have moral excellence without the ability to become prosperous create a world full of lovely poor people.

Consequently, I believe too many "good people" never reached “THEIR FULL POTENTIAL” simply because they never had the money-making skills to carry them to the place where they could FULLY shine... And sadly to that degree the world has been needlessly robbed of their greatness.

I BELIEVE no matter who you are in today's world, knowing HOW to ethically make your own money is as fundamental as being able to read and write.

My philosophy is: Give a man a dollar a day, and you feed him day by day. But, teach him how to REPEATEDLY and ETHICALLY make hundreds and thousands of dollars using his own abilities and understandings …and you will not only feed, clothe, shelter, mobilise and empower that man, but you’ll change his place in society, from being financially dependent to being financially independent. And that will not only better his world, but also the world around him, forever. Thus, he will play a vital role in helping to uplift humanity.

Now, imagine an ORGANISATION solely created to do just that.

Enter Tallworth.

Tallworth’s MISSION
is to END Poverty

Tallworth’s MOTTO: Prosperity Liberates & Morality Elevates.

Tallworth’s daily ASSIGNMENT: is to create, develop, provide, increase and make exciting non-academic courses that give everyday people (especially the poor) the tools and the skills to be able to successfully and ethically run a business of their own to make money for themselves; so that they can fulfill their own dreams – and sensibly help other people achieve theirs.

Tallworth’s far reaching PURPOSE: is to reduce the gap between the poor and the rich by increasing the availability and improving the quality of wealth opportunities for the financially disadvantaged and non-academic members of society, giving them the means and the ability to reach their full potential, enabling them to get ahead for a change.

Venture Wise
Tallworth is our ROBIN HOOD Project
in that Tallworth has TWO sides:
1. Commercial side
2. Community aid side

(1) Commercial side: Tallworth’s commercial side sells its business enterprise courses (for a profit) to fund its community aid operations;

(2) Community aid side: Tallworth’s community aid side gifts, FREE of charge, its “END Other People’s Poverty” education programs, making Tallworth our Robin Hood project.

NOTE: Although Tallworth is a Not For Profit Charity we actively engage in various business activities and enterprises solely to help finance and support our community services, so that once FULLY established Tallworth will be able to either greatly reduce, or completely eliminate, its future need for external funding and support – averting the circumstances that cause too many Charitable or Not For Profit organisations to become as much of a drain on society as are the people that they are meant to help...

Hence Tallworth's Commercial Side

On its COMMERCIAL side
Tallworth is currently running its first TWO commercial (sold for profit) programs:
1. The MoneySeer Course
2. The EnterpriseSeer System

The proceeds from these commercial programs are SOLELY used to fund Tallworth's CHARITABLE (Not For Profit) Community Aid programs for the Financially Disadvantaged.

The MoneySeer Course is a micro-business start-up course, where you learn how to safely and quickly:
1. Build your own business;
2. How to start small …and grow fast;
3. And make your own money;
and HOW to become a Responsible Wealth Owner.

Using our online CTR-technology, all students learn how to quickly and safely make money out of their own ideas (using their own abilities and understandings) and through our character development lessons they get to see the role that their morals play in choosing and safeguarding the life that they want to live.

MoneySeer is where everyone starts. It is the prerequisite to ALL Tallworth enterprise courses. It is our foundation knowledge, suitable for sensible non-academic people over 16 years old (anyone capable of learning how to drive a car).

MoneySeer shows you what to do (and what not to do) to make money. It teaches you how to find the smallest and safest place to start, and then how to make it incrementally grow by using carefully measured compounding money-making cycles to ensure it grows as fast as possible; enabling you to SEE in advance how to safely and quickly make your MONEY grow in each and every cycle. Hence, the name “Money Seer”.

The MoneySeer Course teaches you to think like a "true entrepreneur" (one who never uses debt) by teaching you how to use the power of your own money to make you more money. Plus, it gets us all speaking one language: The ethical money maker’s language.

The MoneySeer course begins with a 6-hour Workshop and Seminar.

The EnterpriseSeer System gives you a complete enterprise system designed specifically to run all the money-making aspects of a medium size enterprise.

It is built upon our CTR technology – creating: Compounding Targeted Recapitalised enterprise cycles... enabling you to run your first medium sized enterprise, running multiple money-generators.

In the EnterpriseSeer System you LEARN how to
1. Work out your BEST re-capitalisation rates
2. Formulate ACHIEVABLE financial targets
3. Calculate OPTIMAL business growth rates
4. Regulate MULTIPLE business holding accounts
5. Allocate YOUR own personal profits

And, how to STRUCTURE your CTR Enterprise Models according to:
(a) your type of products;
(b) the markets you trade in;
(c) the people you employ - with consideration of their culture.

…All able to be done by a sensible non-academic 18-year old (anyone capable of learning how to drive a truck, or being a hairstylist)

More advanced CTR programs
And following the EnterpriseSeer System will come our more advanced CTR courses
• The ExecutiveSeer Course
• The TallSeer Course
• The AllSeer Course

Now, let’s take a quick look inside
Tallworth’s Community Aid Programs

These are the FREE courses that we GIFT to the community, being subsidised by the funds raised from Tallworth’s previously mentioned commercial programs.

On its community aid side Tallworth is currently creating and trialling it’s first seven “End Other People’s Poverty” programs, which Tallworth gifts (free of any charge) to our first seven target sectors of society.

These programs are the:
1. Get aHEAD Program
2. One-for-One Leg up Program
3. Financial Liberty Program
4. Rebels to Pillars Project
5. Prosperity Row Project
6. Honour Program
7. Hidden Achiever Program

The aim of Tallworth’s Get aHEAD Program is to teach non-academic high school students how to start a micro business to make their own money while they are still at school (which we find increases their interest in their overall education). The goal is to take any sensible non-academic 13 year old youth from knowing nothing about making money, to knowing everything they need to set up their life by the age of 21.

In every town where we teach our "paid for" MoneySeer workshop, we run this specialised Tallworth program (taught in nine 40-minute lessons) for the 10% most academically challenged students of any age in the local high schools of that area, FREE of any charge.

NB: We have been trialling and refining this program in high schools for over 5 years.

And under our One-For-One Leg Up Program we provide FREE MoneySeer courses at the same ratio as we sell MoneySeer courses (1 for 1) in any given geographical region.
FOR EXAMPLE if we were to sell our MoneySeer course to 20 families in your town, then we would gift our MoneySeer course to 20 of the poorest families in your town, giving them a leg-up to securing their own financially independent future.

It is through this One-For-One program that Tallworth will donate MoneySeer courses to the MOST financially challenged people in and around the regions where it sells its courses.

And further afield (internationally), through our Financial Liberty Program our far reaching purpose is to SELL our MoneySeer online courses to people in the most developed countries and areas of the world so that we can GIFT our MoneySeer courses to the poorest people in the least developed countries and areas of the world, FREE of ANY charge!

Our preference would be to fly retired high-school teachers, or like professional educators (who have an English ability of at least a 13 year old) from the most impoverished regions of the world, and train them how to teach the MoneySeer system, so that they can teach it to the local people within their region – all provided free of charge by Tallworth.

Our aim is for people who live in impoverished regions of the world to live independent of ALL aid, and free of ANY debt to world banks, giving them full control of their own destiny which is what we call REAL Financial Liberty.

Plus under our Rebels to Pillars Project Tallworth aims to create exciting digital and traditional board games that will encourage, motivate and teach wayward children between the ages of 9-12 years (especially those who exhibit leadership tendencies) how to make money for themselves… Starting them on a path to become successful and ethical business-owner-leaders BEFORE they go completely off the rails.

We believe that these would-be rebel leaders are the stitch-in-time! Change them and they will change the lives of 9 others around them, which will greatly change society.
Our philosophy is: These kids are leaders! They are going to lead at something! So let’s give them the greatest opportunities to have a future with the most options.

And under our Prosperity Row Project we are building courses for people who are about to leave jail. Our belief is: If you have the intelligence to break-in and steal a car, then you have the intelligence to start a business and earn a car. All you need is the money-making skills to do it.

Tallworth is looking for ways to end the cycle of criminal careers, by live streaming (via webinar, or Skype) our MoneySeer’s money-making and moral lessons into Correction Institutes throughout the world.

And then proudly we have our Honour Program which is for veterans. Especially for those men and women who had to go to terrible places and do very difficult things (and often lose their best friends) who then sadly end up jobless, homeless... or even worse.

We see veterans having many of the personal attributes required to become GREAT entrepreneurs. They come from disciplined backgrounds, which produce in them high degrees of patience and realism. They are good at identifying risk, which gives them the ability to prioritise, meet challenges head-on and deal with adversity.

They are resilient fighters and driven finishers.

Within themselves, they carry a unique balance between “High Self-Confidence” and a “Constant Readiness to Learn”, meaning they can lead when called upon, and are more than willing to work in with a pre-existing team to achieve collective objectives.

We teach veterans how to convert all their training and experience into the business world, showing them how to take what they already know, and use it to create and run all the entrepreneurial money-making aspects of their own enterprises. The fact is, when they become financially successful, it gives them a new sense of purpose, direction, and motivation in civilian life.

And last, but in no way least, is our Hidden Achievers Program for those people who are shy or socially withdrawn… and therefore live within very low social comfort levels.

Tallworth has a special MoneySeer course that focuses upon building complete on-line businesses, or similar businesses, using eBay and Drupal, where the business owner never has to deal with anyone face-to-face.

We teach them how to build low social-interactive startups and then as their enterprises and confidence successfully grows, they can comfortably become more and more socially interactive with other people in the business sphere where they have gained new-found standing. The Hidden Achievers Program teaches them how to create from within their sphere of competence – and then to grow out on the waves of their success.

And ultimately we are working towards establishing Tallworth College
TALLWORTH COLLEGE will be a ‘wealth creation’ college that is highly inclusive of non-academic and poor people, providing them with scholarships. It will be a tertiary college that runs a one-year intensive program aimed mainly at high school leavers.

Its focus will be primarily upon building a person’s money-making skills. How to safely start small businesses; and then how to make them grow quickly, using compounding money-making cycles, combined with moral lessons… furnishing students with all that is necessary for them to have a financially and morally successful professional life.

We envisage that Tallworth College will eventually become a franchised chain of many small establishments that service local people within their regions...

However, it will begin as an online college, and we are currently looking for people to help us build the multilingual (group based) online delivery system to do this.
The site will be at

And we think it would be a great idea to build an internal B2B commercial network so that all our members can enter into co-ventures with each other. Enabling members from impoverished countries to enter into business co-ventures with members from wealthier countries; and members from one end of society to enter into business co-ventures with members from the other end of society, all helping each other to get ahead, thus expanding our appreciation of each other’s endeavours.

So the whole “Robin Hood” idea is to produce a “transfer of opportunities”.